What Is MicroModal?

MicroModal is the fabric our underwear is made of. It is created from the sustainably-harvested pulp of beech trees, which is then spun to make fibers. Those fibers are then turned into a yarn that is woven into the fabric.

The fabric is often compared to linen and silk, and it is a long-lasting fabric that gets softer with each wash. It has about 50% more absorbency than traditional cotton, which makes it great for our use: underwear! MicroModal will keep you dry, while still being breathable and comfortable. Our garments have a 4-way stretch that will move as you move. It is flexible and will ensure your intimate areas are comfortable, whether you're at the gym, at work, or anything in between.

In addition to keeping you comfortable, the fabric is long-lasting. That way, you can hold onto your underwear longer, thus reducing the apparel waste that is prevalent around the globe. We want you to love on these products for as long as possible!

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